Burke Leighton and its affiliated companies have acquired, managed, financed and repositioned high quality properties in gentrifying neighborhoods. We currently own and manage over 40 real estate properties totaling over 1.3 million square feet.

We take a hands-on approach to increase the value of each property. The Managing Members and their families also invest usually 20% of the capital in every deal, so we are aligned with all investors, with motivation to control costs, achieve better efficiencies, and constantly work to raise net operating income.

We pride ourselves on the ability to competitively manage every aspect of our deals. Our experience, knowledge, infrastructure and entrepreneurial spirit give our group a unique opportunity to add value every step of the way.


Competitive Advantages

Deal Sourcing

  Burke Leighton has cultivated relationships with a large network of brokers, tenants and owners. These relationships offer us a look at properties that others do not, and at times are offered off market which gives us a competitive advantage.


 Our knowledge of neighborhoods and where we invest is quite detailed. We see value where others do not, and avoid overpaying where others do. We do not chase deals just for the sake of making deals. Our exceptional reputation and understanding of gentrifying neighborhoods is our most valued intangible assets and it offers us a competitive advantage. 


  As a group, we have been investing our own funds for many years prior to starting Burke Leighton. We have 25+ year relationships with many banking institutions. Having worked so closely and honestly with our lenders for many years, our lenders work with us on special terms. Quick response times, exceptional interest rates, flexible terms and personal service are all part of how our banking relationships give us a competitive advantage.