Burke Leighton’s wholly owned management company, Burke Leighton Property Management, operates in concert with our acquisition company to maximize our objectives. Our management team consists of the owners and highly skilled supervisors with an in-depth knowledge of property operations and systems.

The depth and integrated services of Burke Leighton’s in-house teams provide a distinct advantage toward maximizing assets and tenant services. Managing residential properties is an intensive process, as every apartment requires maintenance and every tenant requires our fullest attention.

We make it our commitment to constantly improve living conditions, provide quick response to tenant inquiries and pay attention to all details.  This thorough management style has earned us an excellent reputation with our tenants.

About the Executive Team

Burke Leighton Group and affiliate companies is comprised of a diversified team of experienced real estate, financial and management specialists. The senior management team, led by the Matalon family, has invested and operated real estate in various market cycles. With a hands-on approach and collaborative effort, the team is able to seamlessly execute on its investment strategies and constantly adapt its business to ever-changing market conditions.

As a privately held and vertically integrated “Owner-Manager”, Burke Leighton and the Matalon family are able to respond quickly to new opportunities and manage their properties with a disciplined approach towards risk. Burke Leighton’s successes are rooted in their intensive market knowledge, broad sourcing capabilities, excellent due diligence and a proactive management style.

Acquisition Criteria

Burke Leighton seeks to invest in quality residential, commercial and mixed use properties located in New York, New Jersey and Florida.  We look for rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods that have nearby schools, hospitals, shopping, museums, art galleries and restaurants.  We look for properties that require management expertise to enhance value

Transaction / Size

Multifamily - $5,000,000  / $50,000,000

Commercial - $5,000,000  / $20,000,000


All cash or will assume existing financing on a case by case basis.