4321-4327 Broadway

General Property Information

Address: 4321-4327 Broadway, New York, NY 10033 4321 Broadway
Block & Lot: 02180-0120
Number of Stories: 6
Borough: Manhattan
Neighborhood: Washington Heights
Residential Sqr Ft.: 47,000
Residential Units: 69
Commercial Sqr Ft.: 8,000
Commercial Units: 5
About the Property: 4321 Broadway is located at the corner of Broadway and West 184th Street, four blocks away from Subway A train. This property is in very close proximity to Yeshiva University, the largest and oldest American University under Jewish sponsorship and is 6 blocks away from PS/IS 187 Hudson Cliffs, a public school with a traditional academic approach, becoming a sought-after placement for local families. It is in close proximity to the New York Presbyterian Hospital. The neighborhood has seen a host of new restaurants, day care centers, art galleries, coffee shops, banks, super markets and other shops that are reshaping the neighborhood.
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